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Chuck Norris Cannot Be Stopped: 400 All-New Facts About the Man Who Knows Neither Fear Nor Mercy
The Legend of Chuck Norris Lives On

After the deadly duo of The Truth About Chuck Norris and Chuck Norris vs. Mr. T roundhouse-kicked bestseller lists, Ian Spector returns to complete the thrillogy that has become just as unstoppable, herculean, and legendary as Chuck Norris himself. Chuck Norris Cannot Be Stopped reveals 400 all-new facts about the roughest, toughest, and buffest man to ever stalk the face of the Earth.

This third testament about the master of macho manliness uncovers such unknown facts as:
  • Jesus follows Chuck Norris on Twitter.

  • The reason we haven't found Osama Bin Laden is because Chuck Norris found him first.

  • When Chuck Norris tells time, time obeys.

...and much more!

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